the little man’s baptism

January 13, 2010

I still have not gotten the chance to upload my photos from this weekend, but being the oh-so-organized person she is, the little man’s Godmother beat me to it and sent hers to me last night. So I thought I would share some of the day’s highlights as well as a few of her pics.

We have been anticipating the little man’s baptism for months now and are so happy to have finally had the big day. It was a special day for many reasons, the most important being what the day represented¬† – bringing our son into the love and grace of God’s family. He is forever one of God’s children and will lead a life of faith with the love and support of our church family, family, friends and his Godparents. We couldn’t have chosen a more fitting pair to stand beside us on this day and each day of the little man’s life – Dana and Colette Parish officially became the little man’s Godparents! We look forward to years of memories spent in their company!

The big surprise of the day was that my mom showed up at the church! I couldn’t believe it! She flew in for a little over 24 hours, just to be there with us! The Bob’s mom was also in town for a week to be with us. And on top of that we had so many family and friends who came and celebrated with us! It was great to be surrounded by the love and support of each and everyone of them. We are so blessed!

The little man couldn’t be any cuter in his little suit and he did so well during the church service. Seeing that it was right in the middle of his nap time, I couldn’t be prouder. We did have to keep him entertained with his Godmother’s link roller, water bottle, contact solution bottle and a few other items from her purse. When it came time for the baptism part of the service he was a trooper – he did cry a bit when Pastor poured the water over his head, but I can’t blame him!

We had everyone back to the house for lunch after and enjoyed time spent in the company of great family and friends! It was a perfect day!