Received my latest Etsy purchase today from dazeychic and I can’t wait to get it matted and  framed up then placed somewhere near the front door – this way we see it each time we walk out the a little reminder for the day! 🙂


give aways…

January 27, 2010

I am guilty of slacking on my blog posting, I promise to keep better tabs on daily posts. On another note, my obsession with reading other blogs continues, I just can’t get enough of the creativity and inspiration my blogsphere friends offer. I am inspired every day by so many women that I have never even met.

A perk of being obsessed with blogs is that you have the chance to win a lot of free stuff. So many popular blogs have giveaways. I used to never comment for a chance to win, but now I think….what the heck, you never know!

So today, check out Laura’s blog for a chance to win one of these amazing large letters for your house!


January 24, 2010

I have FINALLY completed my magnetic chalkboard frame and I couldn’t be more excited about it! This post is a week overdue because the Bob and I hung the completed project with such joy last Sunday. So here you have it…all the details.

Found the perfect frame at Not to Shabby last Friday after work. Notice the super-thick frame. I realized after my buy that the inner frame could be removed…super score! Now I have 2 frames to make – you will have to wait until a later post for the 2nd project which is already in the works!

Here is the frame before:

Note the detail:

See, it’s now 2 frames!:

The goods: Magnetic Paint, Antique White Spray paint, Chalkboard Spray paint….


Finally…the completed project (one of 2) I have dreamed of for over a year featuring the 2009 Holiday cards we received from family and friends:

Stay tuned for the 2nd project of this frame…..

holiday card display

December 17, 2009

Ok, I am super late at getting my holiday cards out this year, just got 80% off in the mail today and the other 20% WILL be in the mail tomorrow. I have so many coming in and nowhere to display them. I have been putting off my creative idea for this display which will morph into a picture and artwork (when the little man discovers crayons) display after the holidays. I plan to get this little creative project done this weekend and will post pics after. In the meantime, I found (via my friend Google) some other creative holiday card displays.