i need a sewing machine!

February 18, 2010

There are endless crafts that I am dying to try…even though I know I don’t have the patience for them. But this one by Jill from Homemade by Jill really makes me want to run out and buy a sewing machine! The little man would love this!


baby gap – baby girl swim

February 16, 2010

It’s a good thing I don’t have a daughter (yet), because I would go broke on swim apparel alone. Baby Gap has THE cutest baby girl swimwear! I want to buy one just to look at it!

Another pic from the little man’s baptism. I am amazed everyday at how much more “full” our life is now that we have the little man. Words just can’t explain how your whole world changes when you become parents.We count our many blessings daily and thank God for all that he has provided for us.

This picture is especially meaningful as I reflect on the people of Haiti and the suffering they are experiencing. My heart breaks for them all and especially the children who are so very helpless. I pray for all the people of Haiti and all those who are there to provide relief and support. Every little bit we can do for them is helpful. Click here for how you can donate to help the people of Haiti.

little pj’s

January 8, 2010

What is it about babies in pajamas that is soooo darn cute! I can’t get enough of little man in his Paul Frank monkey pj’s. Every time we put them on him he is mesmerized by the little monkey faces on his pants…like “who put these little monkey faces on my pants?” love.

this is it!!!!

January 7, 2010

I am sooo excited, I can hardly contain myself. I have been scowering craigslist and local thrift stores for months now to find the perfect mirror to create a magnetic chalkboard (like the one featured on design*sponge awhile back) and have had no luck! I even got tempted over the holidays to create one like Martha’s just until I could find a mirror. I so glad I didn’t because today I found this jem of a magnetic chalkboard featured on Odeehdoh today! Ashley at Under the Sycamore is my kind of girl! Not only is she an amazing photog – she had exactly the same idea I had for our Christmas card display – only she executed on her brilliant idea! Thanks Ashley, I CAN’T WAIT to make our own version. If I can squeeze it in this weekend with a little help from my crafty mother-in-law…I am on it. It may just have to wait until next weekend, since the little man is being Baptized on Sunday.


January 6, 2010

Typically I don’t make any formal New Years Resolutions, but I think 2010 is a good year to start – and if I put a list out here, I think I might be more prone to complete it – or at least a lot of it!

Below is my list. Boy are we going to be busy!

  1. Organize one area of the house each week & donate items/clothes we no longer need or use
  2. Try snowboarding
  3. Visit my brother in LA
  4. Loose the rest of my pregnancy weight
  5. Visit family in NJ and WI
  6. Learn to make homemade pizza – still need that mixer!
  7. Be good to myself – eat clean, exercise more and live in the moment
  8. Practice Yoga
  9. Send letters to friends and family – the internet has taken away the beauty of receiving snail mail that isn’t a bill
  10. Practice patience and respect – with family, friends, nature, God, co-workers, strangers, everyone!
  11. Start a dinner party group with friends (ala my parent’s “gourmet group”) I am thinking March will be a good month to start!
  12. Hang outdoor Christmas lights this Christmas – the Bob is in charge of this one!
  13. Start swimming lessons for the little man
  14. Print photos at least once a month and create albums!
  15. Complete a minimum of one diy house project each month. Here are a few I have been dying to tackle since the day we moved back to AZ:

– Magnetic Chalkboard – I have been trying to find the perfect thrift store mirror to create my own, just like the one featured on design*sponge awhile back – I am kinda obsessed with it!
– Paint the Living Room wall
– this one WILL be done before the little man’s birthday!
– Paint the Master Bathroom
– Paint the Kitchen Cabinets
– Paint the Master Bathroom cabinets
– Paint the baseboards and doors
– Landscape the Front & Backyard
– Create a storage space for all the little man’s toys –
thinking a window seat with storage would be cool
– Get a new computer desk
– searching for a good one to refurb from craigslist
– Nightstands for the Master Bedroom
– a variation of this would be cool
– Nightstands for the Guest Bedroom
– Remove the Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
s – going to create shelves like yhl did

Don’t have any resolutions of your own, check out Monina’sResolution Generator for some inspiration!

dollar bills ya’ll

January 5, 2010

Last night the little man got into the Bob’s wallet, little did he know there wasn’t much in there. He seemed to be amazed at the debit card and all it’s possibilities…ok, I think it was really just the blue and green colors. Everyday is a surprise when you have a child, even the littlest things (like going through daddy’s wallet) are so amazing. Man we love this little man!